WOO WOO by Savannah Rusher

WOO WOO is a solo exhibition of works by Savannah Rusher, inspired by New Age rituals and the skepticism they conjure. She is intrigued by the contrast between bohemian mysticism and the digital age and how the two are currently colliding in San Francisco. This selection of work is about awareness and finding your happy place, even - and especially - if others believe it is irrelevant.

Savannah Rusher is a multi-media artist who lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Rusher’s work focuses primarily on escapism. Raised in seaside tourism destinations on the East Coast, her work is inspired by coastal architecture, the entertainment industry, and consumerism. Nostalgic images are abstracted with bright pigments and inorganic shapes, creating a muddled contrast of familiarity and illusion. The viewer is encouraged to reconnect with their own memories and decipher how semiotics induce the feeling of contentment and transcendence. Savannah has published several books and shown her work in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Charleston, South Carolina.