Printed Ghosts / Inauguration Re-weaving Sedative by Ricki Dwyer

On the evening of Friday 1/27, a week after the presidential inauguration, we gathered at Open Windows to celebrate the work of Ricki Dwyer.  This show was unique for us in that it had 2 components; one in the gallery, the other a collaborative weaving exercise in our studio.  All profits from the show were donated to the ACLU in support of the important work they're doing in this dark time.

Ricki's Printed Ghosts are the kinds of images you look at for a long time -- looking really close to see every last detail and figure out how they were created.  A talented weaver, Ricki produced items woven in a variety of materials and styles, inked them like a relief block, and printed them on an etching press.  From there they reprinted the ghost images, which produced incredibly nuanced mono-prints.  These ghosts are now adorning our walls, watching over us as we work for the next month.

When the 14 prints are displayed together, they are like a family of unique beings.  Each the same size, created with the same process, but entirely different from its neighbor.

Inauguration Re-weaving Sedative, the interactive part of the show, is a collaborative action that was designed by Ricki.  Guests worked together to shred the American flag into uniform strips, then re-weave them into new objects on hand looms.  

Working together as a group and seeing the flag transform into something new and unique to each person was a cathartic experience.   

Like the printed ghosts, no two weavings were the same and it was inspiring to see how each person went about their transformation of the flag.


A huge thank you to Ricki for their incredible work, and the community they brought to Open Windows.  We successfully raised $95.00 for the ACLU, and came away from the experience feeling empowered and connected to a larger cause.