Moving - Still by Derek Macario

On Saturday March 25th we gathered to share new work by Derek Macario... what an incredible night!  A big thank you to everyone who showed up, ate tamales, danced, and partied with us.

The space held more people that it ever has, including supportive members of Derek's family and lots of friends.

Derek is the first photographer we've shown, and we're amazed at how his images transform the space.  Looking at his framed photos from around the Bay Area is like looking out the window on a sunny day.

Another first for us was a live DJ set by the talented Chulita Vinyl Club who spun incredible vinyl all night long.  We highly recommend inviting them to your next event!  

Derek is a San Francisco based artist working primarily in film photography and the zine format. He earned his BA at SF State University in 2015, studying studio art with an emphasis in photography, and minored in journalism. Derek's work can be found in his self published zines at local zine/book/art shops, including Needles & Pens, Little Paper Planes, and Rare Device.

Derek (b. 1992, San Francisco) constantly reflects on growing up in San Francisco. Filled with childhood nostalgia of growing up in the 90s and being immersed in public spaces, the subjects of Macario’s images are emblems of resistance to the rapid changes of the city.  He's celebrating and preserving his environment- nature, landscape, and people less prominently observed today. Derek’s recent work examines the immediate surroundings of San Francisco’s physical peripheries. 

His work can be seen at Open Windows Cooperative for a few more weeks.  Please email for an appointment.