Open Windows Cooperative is

Seeking new members 

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We are thrilled to announce we are expanding our project. Our vision is to continue to build community and foster creative collaboration by joining up with like-minded people to share space, make art, and offer diverse programming.

This is a call to action.

If you'd like to

  • host a drawing night
  • Curate art shows
  • teach a workshop
  • host a fundraiser for a local org
  • print a zine
  • do something that brings us together, encourages listening, resists dark forces in small ways or big,

then come to the new member meeting for information, to meet other potential members, and to co-vision all the ways we can use this space in a meaningful way.

Fill out the DOODLE to schedule this meeting (asap). Feel free to forward this to anyone else who might be interested!

Love and peace to you all on this Fall Equinox!

Ava and Alexandra