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SEAWITCHES: a zine for waterpeople LAUNCH PARTY


On Saturday we will be celebrating the birth of SEAWITCHES, a zine for waterpeople.

Whether you love oceans with phosphorescents and wild waves, lakes that leave your skin smelling of fresh dirt, pools with sunlight slithering across blue paint, or a good soak in the tub – we think you’ll like what you find in this zine's pages.

Our stories are rooted in nature and diversity. Like the witches and warlocks who have come before us, we revere Mother Earth. We are soul surfers, spear fishers, mountain climbers, and folks who feel the hum of the universe around us. There is a beautiful and vibrant void in the media for diverse stories – stories about old people, young people, LGBTQI folks, people of color, men, women, different religions – the stories we love to write and read."

Issue #1 is the Blue Issue, with indigo covers hand-dipped by its Artist-in-Residence Leah Koransky. Covers were letterpressed and foil-stamped at Open Windows Cooperative. All proceeds will help to fund the production of SEAWITCHES Issue #2!

The event will feature:

~ zines, prints and buttons for sale

~ a reading of excerpts from SEAWITCHES Issue 1

~ visual art by Leah Koransky

~ beer by Queers Makin' Beers

~ photo projection by Feather Weight and beyond



Later Event: March 31
Sheddings: by Kirstyn Hom